Playing Rules


1; The Committee, or its appointees, is charged with arranging golfing activities for the Members of The Surrey Golf Captains.

Events shall be open to all Members, irrespective of ability or age.

Exception: The John Thornhill Tankard (70 and over age limit applies).

2; All fully subscribed playing members of The Surrey Golf Captains may apply to enter any meeting, match or the away tour.

The Committee does not wish to create “Society Style Handicaps” and therefore asks that all participating Members play off official WHS handicaps.

Where this is not possible and would preclude a Member from playing, that player should suggest a realistic playing handicap which shall be set so as not to bring either himself or The Surrey Golf Captains into disrepute.

This shall not prevent the organisers of the Away Tour from adjusting playing handicaps from day to day in line with performances.

To help with pace of play, players who cannot score on any one hole are expected to pick up their ball.

3; Members, or Persons invited by the Captain as a non paying guest to attend and play in any meeting will not be eligible to win a trophy or prize.

The Captain and President cannot win their own day, but can win each other’s.

4; At the John Thornhill meeting, if an over 70 has the best score of all the competitors on the day, he will win the Trophy, and the next best over 70 will win the Tankard. Otherwise the best score of an over 70 will win the Tankard.

5; An over 80’s prize will be awarded if 5 or more eligible competitors play.

The best score regardless of which Tees they play from will win the over 80 prize, they don’t necessarily have to play from the Senior, or in their absence Ladies Tees.

If an over 80 playing from the Main Competition Tees of the day wins a prize in the main competition, they will not be able to win the over 80’s prize as well, this will go to the next best over 80 score.

6; Where meetings are over subscribed there will be a ballot.

If a member is balloted out, he will not be balloted out again that season.  (regardless of whether he subsequently plays or not).

If a member is balloted out of the Peter Simpson Trophy, he will not be balloted out during the following season.

If in the unlikely event we have a subsequent meeting that is over subscribed with balloted out members, there will need to be a ballot for that meeting. Those members who were balloted out but then played, would be the first to be balloted out of any such meeting.

If a member is past the closing date for getting his entry in, is put on the reserve list but does not play, that will not constitute a balloting out

(Members must make an appropriate note on the relevant entry form)

7; Rules of Golf as laid down by the R & A, and any local rule shall apply to all events.