The Surrey Golf Captains 2020 Newsletter

Captain’s report

I would like to thank the Committee for giving me the opportunity to become Captain of Surrey Captains.

I would like to express our thanks to Richard Kennett for all the hard work he did on our behalf during his year. He will be difficult act to follow as I think he only missed one match and even went as far as organising two Captain’s Days.

The one area in which I hope to improve on Richard’s record is in our matches against other counties, although he led well from the front, it appeared that most of us did not want to follow his example! My plan is to be the sacrificial lamb in the hope that those behind can benefit from our opponents resulting complacency.

At the AGM I was very pleased that those present wholeheartedly endorsed the proposal from the committee that Stan Idell was appointed a Vice President. He has served us incredibly well over the years, as Captain, President and for several years as our Fixtures and Match Secretary. Nigel Palmer has now taken over this role and I would thank him for the work he now does on our behalf.

Turning to my year I look forward to seeing you at as many meetings and matches as possible, there is an additional match this year which is ”Members against the Committee Past & Present”, This will be held at Surbiton on the 4th September and like all the matches is very good value.

Finally, I hope to see you all at Cuddington on 16th July for my Captain’s day.

John Graves

Honorary Treasurer’s report

This year’s accounts show a surplus of £1,422 compared with a loss for the previous year of £1,140.

The main reasons for this improvement are;

  1. The saving of £2,500 from not printing a handbook this year.
  2. We have changed our bank account to avoid paying bank charges.
  3. A reduction in Admin costs as we had a one off cost last year for the purchase of a laptop for holding our membership records.

We remain in a strong financial position and going forward we will aim to run at a small deficit each year with the long term aim of reducing our funds to around £10,000.

To achieve this, we will continue to subsidise the Dinner and to increase the subsidy for meetings and matches through flexible pricing. The match fee will as always cover lunch and drinks with lunch, golf and an evening meal with drinks.

John Graves

Honorary Secretary’s report


Another busy year has gone with mixed results.

We have had a poor year with match results; We won 1, lost 6 and halved 2.  But it’s taking part that is important !!, and they were all very enjoyable.

The meetings were very successful, two of them were oversubscribed with the remainder virtually full.

Laleham Past Captains wanted to mark the demise of their club and very kindly presented a Salver which is now played for in our annual match with the London Captains.

I have written a match and meeting reference sheet for 2020. This sheet shows all opening and closing dates with space to record your entries. It also includes contact details of match and meeting Managers.

It is on a separate attachment on this e-mail for you to print off.

The annual dinner at Sandown Park Racecourse was very good. The food and service were excellent and we were well entertained by Roger Dakin.

We plan to return to Sandown Park again this year, provisionally booked for Friday 23rd October. Your club representative will be in touch nearer the time.


On the E-mail I have attached a comprehensive note on the entry procedure for both Matches and Meetings. Please print it off for reference. If you have any issues on sending entries. I am always here to help.

When arranging for payment of entry fee for meetings we are very happy if you want to set the payment to occur on the day of the meeting. This can be handy in case you have to pull out, you will then be able to cancel the payment. This will save sorting refunds.

Don’t forget to let the relevant Manager know if you do have to pull out.

 Please do not send payment until you have received confirmation of entry. Last year there were a few occasions when members sent entry payments, but for whatever reason an entry form was not received, please note that sending payment, done separately, does not constitute entry.

There is a note on the entry forms, that if you have entered but not had a start sheet by a week before the event, then you should get in touch with the Meeting Manager to see if you are in or not, if for whatever reason you are not, and assuming the meeting is not over subscribed you will get in.


As well as on the reference sheet, their E-mail addresses are on the bottom of both the Match & Meetings pages on the website, you should be able copy and paste from there.

The Match selection procedure follows a similar pattern as the meeting entry requests, you will receive an immediate reply to the e-mail address used by you to let you know that your entry has been sent, if you do not receive one, get in touch with Nigel or myself.

You will receive a notice in April, from Nigel informing you what matches you have been selected for.

The current system of the match Manager contacting you for confirmation and payment will continue as now. Please do not send any payments with your entry.

The Match entry form includes registration of interest for the Away tour and the Saunton Salver.

The Meeting entry forms become available on the entry opening day which is shown in the meeting section on the website.

Apart from member names, telephone numbers and obituaries (please see below), the website has all the information on it that you need. If you have any queries at all, or need a contact detail, I will be very happy to answer it.


In the last year I was informed that we lost the following members;

Derek Kean (Wimbledon park)   Peter Isbell (Betchworth Park)    Jack Leeming (RAC)    Colin Evans (Chipstead)

Spencer Spencer-Skeen (Dorking)   Roger Hurley (Dulwich & Sydenham Hill)   Peter Austin (Surbiton)

Chris Sayer (Surbiton)    Nick Wilcox (R.A.C.)    Brian Tew (Surbiton)   John Lee (Redhaill & Reigate)                          Archie Patterson (Tyrrells Wood)

If you know of another member who passed away who is not on this list, please let me know.

Notice of the 2020 AGM

This will be held at approximately 15.30, on Wednesday 4th November at Walton Heath Golf Club


1              Apologies

2              Minutes of the A.G.M. held at Walton Heath G.C. on 6th November 2019

3              Matters Arising

4              Captain’s Report

5              Hon. Treasurer’s Report and Adoption of Accounts for the year ending 30th September 2020

6              Election of President 2021

7              Appointment of Officers for 2021

8              Appointment of an Accounts Examiner for 2021

9              Election of Committee for 2021

10           AOB

Eddie Wheeler

Honorary Secretary