The Surrey Golf Captains 2022 Newsletter

Captain’s report

I would like to start by wishing you all a happy 2022.

You will see from the attached sheet that we have scheduled a full program for 2022. Hopefully we will be able to complete it this year.

With regards to Covid, please be assured that the Committee will always follow the guidance we are given by the Government and England Golf, members safety will always be our highest priority.

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our meetings and matches in 2022, particularly at my Captain’s Day at Sutton Green on 16th June and President’s Day at Camberley Heath on the 7th of July.

2021 fixtures: The first meeting in May had to be cancelled, but all the rest were played, and we had a different winner at each event.

The match verses the Secretaries was cancelled, but the rest were played, we had mixed fortunes against the other counties, winning  three and losing five. The members beat the Committee Past & Present, and the game with the ladies was again a success with an enjoyable day had by all.

Full details of all winners are in the result section on the Website.

Honorary Treasurer’s report

The Accounts for the year ended 30th September 2021 showed a surplus of £414. The previous year’s accounts showed a surplus of £ 7,440. Both these sets of figures have been examined by Martin Lister and our thanks go to him once again for his work on your behalf.

The small surplus this year is mainly because there was no dinner in 2020/1.

Looking forward we will attempt to reduce our funds over the next few years, which is exactly what I said 2 years ago. To help achieve this we will be subsidising  the Annual Dinner, Meetings and Matches. Prices for meetings and matches will be flexible to reflect what the host club charges us.

Please can I ask you to check the bank account into which you pay for Surrey Captains events. We have 2 accounts:

1,  For Subscriptions,  at Lloyds (Sort code 30-91-59 A/c No. 00104164).

2,  For Meetings, Matches and Clothing, at Santander (Sort code 09-01-29 A/c No 16194438).

It makes my job much easier if you use the correct account.

I would also ask that you set up payments for Meetings and Matches for the day of, or day after the event. If you need to withdraw you can cancel the payment and save me having to get your bank details to do a refund.

Honorary Secretary’s report

We had 28 new members join last year, and despite deaths and normal resignations we retain a healthy membership of 800.

Meetings: As the Treasurer noted, when arranging for payment of meeting entry fees by BACS, we are asking you to make the payment on the day of, or the day after the meeting. Please do not send payment when entering.

If paying by cheque, you can send this when entering. Cheques will not be cashed until after the event.

You will be reminded of payment details by the Meeting Managers on the welcome letter that comes with the Start sheet.

Making payment like this will save unnecessary refunds if you need to withdraw, and please do not forget to let the relevant Manager know if you do have to pull out.

From this year, assuming that we get a rebate on member green fees, then home club members will be charged just for the cost of food plus £10.00 for a contribution toward prizes and general costs.

If you have entered but not had a start sheet by a week before the event, then you should get in touch with the Meeting Manager to see if you are in or not, if for whatever reason you are not, and assuming the meeting is not over subscribed you will get in.


You will find their E-mail addresses on the bottom of the reference sheet and on the Match & Meetings pages on the website, you should be able copy and paste from there.

Apart from member names and telephone numbers the website has all the information on it that you need. If you have any queries at all, or need a contact detail, I will be more than happy to answer it.

Annual dinner: We plan to return to Sandown Park again this year, it is booked for Friday 28th October. Your club representative will be in touch nearer the time.


In the last year I have been informed that we lost the following members:

Philip Pinnigar (Croham Hurst)  John Bowers (Addington Palace)  Ken Gladding, (Mitcham)

Terry O’Neil (Mitcham)  George Salt (Camberley Heath)  Derek Allcard (Betchworth Park)

John Seddon (Sutton Green)   Brian Spencer (Leatherhead)  John Cox (Burhill)  Colin Hughes (Chipstead)

Vic Waters (West Byfleet)  Michael Power (West Byfleet)  Don Newman (Addington Palace)

Joe Flaherty (R.A.C.)   Bill Breeden (Hampton Court Palace)

If you know of anyone else who has passed, please let me know.

Notice of the 2022 AGM: This will be held at approximately 15.30, on Tuesday 1st November at Walton Heath Golf Club


1              Apologies

2              Minutes of the A.G.M. held at Walton Heath G.C. on 2nd November 2021

3              Matters Arising

4              Captain’s Report

5              Hon. Treasurer’s Report and Adoption of Accounts for the year ending 30th September 2022

6              Election of President for 2023

7              Appointment of Officers for 2023

8              Appointment of an Accounts Examiner for 2023

9              Election of Committee for 2023

10           AOB

Eddie Wheeler  Honorary Secretary