After the Annual Council Meeting of the Surrey County Golf Union at Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club on Friday, 20th January, 1967, all those present who were Captains or Past Captains of Surrey Golf Clubs discussed, under the chairmanship of Mr. A. H. K. Hamilton, the formation of a County Golf Captains’ Society. It was agreed that Mr. Hamilton be the President of a Steering Committee, consisting of L. Freedman (Coombe Hill), A. Gilbert (Coombe Hill), A. F. Parker (Kingswood), K. A. Rose (Cuddington), D. D. Rothschild (Reigate Heath), J. R. Thornhill ( Kingswood ), A. C. I. Wallace (Effingham). J. P. Tyler ( Kingswood ) was appointed Hon. Secretary and Treasurer.

It was decided that the Society be independent of the County Committee and at subsequent meetings held by the Steering Committee draft rules were prepared. A copy of the rules was sent to the Captain of each Surrey Golf Club who, at the same time, was informed that an inaugural Stableford Foursomes Competition would be held at Kingswood Golf Club on Thursday 26th October 1967 to be followed by an inaugural General Meeting.

At that meeting it was resolved that the Society of Surrey Golf Captains be formed and that the Steering Committee be elected en bloc as the first committee, but augmented by the inclusion of P. J. Barkham (Reigate Heath), G. H. Freeman (Croham Hurst) and J. K. Radcliffe (Coombe Wood).

The first Annual Dinner was held on Friday 22nd November 1968 at the Savoy Hotel London, it proved a great success. Subsequent Annual Dinners held at the Savoy Hotel, the Roehampton Club for nine years, and at the R.A.C. Country Club at Epsom for a further nine years proved to be equally successful. From 1992 the Dinner was held at various venues, including twice at the Rose Room at Twickenham, and from 1998 to 2016 the venue was held at Wentworth Golf Club. The venue from 2017 is Sandown Park Racecourse.

Since 2001 the Society has made an annual donation to the Surrey County Golf Union for the support of junior golf in the County.

The development of the Society progressed until it now holds ten meetings and ten matches each year. Challenge trophies have now been presented as follows:

A Silver Salver for Stableford Singles Competition played for as “The President’s Salver” A.H.K. Hamilton, St. George’s Hill
Silver Salvers for Stableford Foursomes Competition A. F. Parker, Kingswood, and D.D. Rothschild, Reigate Heath
A Silver Cup for Competition by members aged 60 and over (revised to no age restriction in 2019), played for as “The Veterans’ Cup”   E.J. Munn, West Byfleet, and F. Sirl, Camberley Heath
A Silver Cup played for as  “The Captain’s Day Trophy” G. H. Freeman, Croham Hurst
A Silver Salver in memory of John Tyler for the best Stableford score on Captain’s Day by Present and Past Officers and the Present Committee of the Society.  The Members
A Silver Cup for Singles Medal (now stableford) Competition played for as “The Home Park Cup”   Home Park Golf Club
A Bronze Statuette played for as “The Silver Jubilee Trophy”  C. D. Smith, Camberley Heath
A Silver Claret Jug played for as “The Robin Gems Trophy”  The Gems family
A hand cut crystal glass Claret Jug played for as “The Peter Simpson Trophy”  The Members
A solid silver salver played for as “The Vice President’s Salver Tag Taylor, Banstead Downs
A solid silver cup played for as “The John Thornhill Trophy” The Members
A Silver Plated Tankard for competition by members aged 70 and over played for as  “The John Thornhill Tankard”

A Silver Cup played for as “The Golden Jubilee Cup”

Kingswood Golf Club

The Surrey Lady Captains’ Society